No. You have no coverage for any liability to third parties, whether personal injury/death or property. Damage is your problem following a test ruling at Wolverhampton County Court. His Honour Judge Mitchell concluded that if someone crashes into you on a track day, even if it is clearly their fault - then tough! The judgement followed a case where a driver under tuition collided with a track day participant who then sued for damages. In essence the judge's ruling is that anyone participating on a track day is aware of the potential risks involved and has a choice of not driving on to the circuit. (Source:, April 2007). 

If you are specifically wanting to understand more with regards to NURBURGRING click here.

Probably not! Ask your insurers. Increasingly, policies specifically exclude track-days. If the insurers suggest that they will cover track-days, get it in writing first and make sure they explain the extent of cover.

No. The insurers on our track-day policies are not part of the regular motor insurance market. Cover is basic and claims are not handled in the same way as road risks policies.

Yes, but we are only doing this for track day cars valued under £30,000. This works on a "Franchise" basis which basically means that the damage still has to be over the stated excess amount to "trigger" a claim in the first place. If you have taken advantage of this option then insurers will also pay the policy excess for you. Make sure you understand how this option works if you are in any doubt.

Probably you are embarking on a PUBLIC day or what the Germans call touristenfahrten. The "rules" are very different regarding third party cover for "The 'Ring" if it is a private TRACK DAY as opposed to Public day. For more comprehensive details specifically on Nurburgring Third Party Insurance click here.

Subject to policy conditions, you are covered whether damage is caused by you or another party.

Yes. It is covered for accident damage which we define as following a clear and obvious impact. The Track Day Insurance Policies will NOT cover costs that are otherwise attributed to wear, tear and deterioration.

Yes. Our insurers will pay for any resultant accident damage BUT we don't pay for the cost of the item(s) that would have simply broken or stopped working.

For specified makes that are under £30,000 quotations and cover can all be obtained on-line. For values over £30,000 we require a different form to be completed and we are able to provide cover up to £200,000 depending on the car and circuit combination. We have been known to cover up to £300,000 in certain circumstances.

Insurers will pay up to the sum insured under the policy less the policy excess and you are liable for all costs over and above this amount.

Yes, but they are a nightmare! Most claims are caused by "Additional Drivers" and none of the accidents are small! The excess and premium carry considerable loading. We must have full details of their name, age and driving experience in the relevant sections of the quote page and have received the full premium.

Please see the sections "Summary of Cover" and the policy wording.

No, we cover only the costs of standard paintwork and parts unless the policy has been otherwise specifically extended.

If insurers have paid for any replacement parts, they have the right to retain the damaged parts as salvage. Likewise, if the insurers have paid out on the basis of a total loss, they have the right to retain all salvage.

No. Insurers may at their option repair or replace damaged parts with identical parts or of the same quality but they are not bound to use solely manufacturers' parts unless you pay the extra costs.

No. Insurers may ask that two estimates are obtained and they use a panel of repairers from which they may choose a company depending on make and model and location, price etc.

Unless specifically agreed, insurers will pay only for standard parts and you must pay any extra costs.

Unless specifically agreed, the policy does not cover the costs of removal of the damaged vehicle nor of storage.

No. The information you have provided to us will only be held by us and the insurers we use for the purpose of the policy(ies) of insurances you arrange through ourselves. We will NOT send any of your details to "carefully selected organizations" since we respect the fact it is really frustrating receiving unsolicited mail. We may use your details to contact you further should we have news of insurance products or changes to your policy, but this will be on the basis of "sharing information" not advertising or promotion. This information we reserve to publicise through MORIS News on the home page of our website.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information held by us in our records but we may ask you to pay a small fee. You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your information by writing to us. If you want to know more about our use of your personal information, this should also be done in writing to the above address.