New Guidelines for Insuring High Value Cars

01/10/19 13:32

We have recently experienced claims involving high value cars. This has determined a change in insurers' perception of some risks and we have had to refer most high-performance vehicles back to insurers for their formal approval while they considered a rerating for these cars going forward. We are very sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced because of this. We will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible and not let problems like this affect the experience of our customers in the future. Please bear with us on this matter.


Additional Driver Track Day Insurance |

12/08/19 09:41

Do you want to share your car on track? allows you to add 2 additional drivers to your track day insurance policy. However, adding additional drivers can sometimes be risky and pricey. This article is meant to answer all your additional driver track day insurance questions


Multi Track Day Insurance: Insure Up To 10 Events

20/06/19 12:44

Did you know you can save up to 50% on track day insurance by purchasing cover for several track days at once? Single track day cover is usually more expensive "per day" than multi-day insurance. Find out how you can insure multiple track day events on one policy and start saving money on track day insurance.


Nürburgring: Europe's Greatest Race Track? |

23/05/19 10:45

Since its construction in 1927, the Nürburgring Nordschleife has enjoyed a reputation as a demanding and terrifying racetrack lurking in the dense forests of the German region of Eifel. Read the fascinating story of the legendary race track nicknamed "the Green Hell" by Sir Jackie Stewart and find out more about Nürburgring track day insurance.


The ABCs of Track Day Insurance |

09/05/19 06:40

Taking your car  or motorcycle on a track day is exhilarating and fun. As with most other activities, however, track days can also be dangerous. Accidents on track can happen to even the very best of drivers/riders. Track day insurance protects you against accident damage if you take a turn for the worse while taking part in a track day event. 


A sad farewell... but never to be forgotten

06/06/17 14:08

On 26 May, 2017 we sadly lost our very own in house Testarossa. Kirstin Shelley passed away peacefully after a prolonged illness.


Nürburgring Public Days Insurance |

01/07/13 12:45

We have just scripted a short article for those who have yet to venture to the Ring and are curious about Nürburgring Insurance. Whether you are planning on a Public Day or a Track Day at the Ring, you can find all the information you need in this article.


Claim Against Uninsured Drivers |

20/06/12 11:04

There are one million uninsured drivers on the roads in the UK. If you're in an accident with one of them, where do you stand?


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