22/05/17 09:56

1. Background

We have been seeking to enhance support for the MORIS platform with insurers wo are able to provide security and comfort for the growing MORIS business.

We have had a longer than expected period of arranging contracts with new insurers. In this ever regulated environment designed to make "safe" for all, the downside is everything takes twice as long as expected to cover all the bases - and for the avoidance of doubt - YES, it is driving us nuts too! The proceduess and paperwork and checks and and and just go on and on and on........ but ultimately this is designed to give us all confidence in the future.

In this interim period we are not able to formally issue new quotations or bind any cover BUT please submit your enquiry so we can at least help with an indication as to likely terms and conditions.

We have been making great progress and will be formally announing the changes ahead soon.

2. An additional challenge - We are without Kirstin at the moment :-(

WHILE all this has been going, many of our regular customers will be familiar with Kirstin's (Shelley) friendly enthusiastic voice at the end of the phone and efficient replies to your emails, usually with a cheeky twist.

Since the start of the year Kirstin has endured some serious health complications and is currently unable to work. We wish the best for Kirstin and hope a speedy recovery is around the corner since we are missing her terribly ourselves.

On behalf of Kirstin we would like to say thank you so much for all the well wishes.

UPDATE: Sadly we lost Kirstin a handful of days after scripting this. Tribute to Kirstin

A Personal Apology from Justin Everitt

I really do apologise to everyone for the delay bringing our new market to fruition. This is in part complicated by our own aspirations securing long term support for our growing business. We were not expecting the process to be taking quite this long. To compound matters we have been struggling to service the volume of enquiries with Kirstin being on long term sick leave but hopefully her recovery will fit in with our "go-live" date to be announced shortly. We really do appreciate all the well wishes and support we have received both in terms of the business and in respect of Kirstin. It is at times like this small words of encouragement mean so much. Thank you.

We will be firing on all cylinders very soon.......

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