19/04/18 10:31

Our New Mobile Friendly Website is almost Complete

For the past few weeks we have been busy working on an updated website for MORIS.co.uk that will now be split into two distinct sections - Track Day and Motorsport. Our new site has been designed to be cleaner and easier to use and mobile friendly.

"We have been looking at updating the structure of our website for a while. Both the Track Day and Motorsport elements of our business have grown over the year so it has become necessary to address specific needs and expectations of different customer bases. As our Track Day side has evolved we needed the ability to add more options and products for future and likewise for the motorsport sector also - two and four wheel sport" - explains Justin Everitt

The new site will have a fresher and less cluttered feel and at the same time with the number of our clients using mobiles or tables to view our site it was time for MORIS.co.uk to respond to this.

New Products to launch in 2018

One of the reasons for the new site is to allow for new MORIS products to be easily identified when they are launched. As our Track Day business has grown so we are wanting to respond to more specific requests for greater flexibility and will have announcements to make later this season on this. Further we have been moving the motorsport side of the business along also and again there are announcements to follow towards the end of the 2018 season.

Social Media Drive

To accompany the launch of our new site we are also reinvigorating our drive to connect more with our clients and share news. views, pictures and gossip and have a few giggles along the way. "We want to be seen to be enjoying what we are doing as much as our clients enjoy their motorsport and track day driving. We have some lovely characters who are helping support our quest and we kicked this off with a fantastic Track Day at Silverstone with Gold Track. This is part of a wider circuit presence for this year" commented Sophea Shelley-Everitt, adding "We have started a new Facebook page to mark a refreshed start and with more people using Instagram it has been interesting to understand how people have been reacting to our posts. We have a fun theme ahead and I am really looking forward to understanding our customers more".

Fantastic Customer Reviews & Star Ratings

It is important for us to understand how we rate with our customers so since the start of the year we have been attracting star ratings and reviews via Feefo and we are really pleased with the lovely positive comments we have enjoyed to date. We would encourage anyone to read through these. We do try very hard and again we believe this helps the world to understand us a bit more also. We know our business and the market. MORIS have a fine pedigree in the world of motorsport and track day insurance and we hope the level of reviews will only increase further once the new site is up and running.

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