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Kirstin Shelley, RIP
On 26 May, 2017 we sadly lost our very own in house Testarossa. Kirstin Shelley passed away peacefully after a prolonged illness.

Kirstin was involved with the MORIS.co.uk project from the very outset and wore her heart on her sleeve being the "human" element at the end of the phone. In this sometimes faceless world of on-line business, Kirstin added value, comfort and smiles for all.

Kirstin had a strong background in the world of motorsport insurance and was once a familiar sight and sound – (yep, the most raucous laugh possible) in the F3000 and F1 Paddocks in the late 90's as well as the International Sports car circus. Kirstin had family roots originating from Canada so her natural motor racing hero was Jacques Villeneuve.

Kirstin especially enjoyed looking after the insurances for many of the world's professionals on both two and four wheels. Kirstin worked at SLE Worldwide underwriting agency and Everitt Boles Motorsport Insurance but it was the MORIS.co.uk project she particularly made a contribution to, describing it as "her life". Kirstin will be missing you all as much as those who knew her will be missing her.

Kirstin is survived by her daughter Sophea Shelley-Everitt.

Some Words of Tribute:

Melindi Scott (Gold Track) - "Everyone at Gold Track is going to miss Kirstin horribly. She was an absolute treat to work with. Always on top of her game and one of those people who always went the extra mile to look after her clients. She was a top person & the world is an emptier place without her."

Tony Murray (FreeM Racewear) - In making reference to a bygone racing paddock: "Kirstin was a bright and bubbly personality who took no nonsense from us ‘lads'."

Graeme Glew(F1.co.uk) - "Kirstin was always smiling and it's a privilege to have known her and to see the picture of me and Kirstin on your website will be the way I will always remember her - smiling. She will be sadly missed by many…"

Chris Needell (Barwell Motorsport) - "I always enjoyed bumping into Kirstin in the paddock of a race track, as she usually had an amusing story or bit of gossip to tell you, and would always bring a smile to your face. She had huge enthusiasm for the sport and her job, and will be sadly missed."

Dominic Ostrowski (BRSCC) - "Kirstin was always a larger than life character with a vivacious personality. Always a fun person to be around but I wouldn't have wanted to cross her and thankfully I never did. Kirstin will be much missed by everyone who knew her."

Richard Higgs (DTW1991 at Lloyd's) - "Dear Kirstin, We first met at the Autosport Show at the Grosvenor House Hotel over 20 years ago where I was captivated by your décolletage (I am only human) and striking red hair (my own daughter has the same). As time went on I grew to admire many more of your features and attributes (professionalism and friendliness being paramount). We were business clients , colleagues, and clients again. Ever bright and cheerful and so mindful of your motorsport clients' needs and expectations you know you added either huge value or enormous stress and conflict to our days as insurers . The stress and conflict were always mitigated quickly with harmony ruling once more. I miss you lovely lady and all you brought to my life."

Andrew Crighton (Advent Motorsport) - "One thing you always knew with Kirstin was that you would get a fair hearing whether you were a policyholder, adjuster or insurer and a straight answer made all the more palatable by virtue of that gravelly voice and ready laugh!! Motorsport is the loser as one of its real unsung characters moves on to circuits anew!"

Alice Flook (MORIS.co.uk Customer) - "For someone that we'd never got to meet in person it felt like we'd known you for years. Kirstin you were the best. Always a friendly ear and professional even when we gave you just hours notice. You had the patience of a saint!!! You will be missed terribly."

Graham Sims (Indigo Underwriters) - "Kirstin was an amazing person who played a unique and special role in many lives. She will be remembered for the quality of her work and the depth of her commitment to MORIS.co.uk and her customers. Kirstin will be a considerable loss to both. It was a privilege to know her."

Mike Moore (MORIS.co.uk Customer) - "Kirstin was a bubbly lady and super efficient from the business point of view. Although I only met her a few times and that was some years ago I have fond memories of her in the Nürburgring pit lane being a constant support to the drivers and a friendly face to welcome us after some gruelling but exciting laps. We will all miss her at the end of the phone and through the internet at MORIS.co.uk but her helpful nature will live on."

Sean Cooper (Track Focused Racing) - "Kirstin was always charming, professional and extremely personable. She took the stress out of otherwise stressful situations and you always had full confidence in her. No matter was too big or small and she always seemed to do everything with a smile. It was always a pleasure to chat to her both on a professional and personal level."

It is difficult to convey someone's personality in only a few words, but those that knew her will remember her very fondly and she will be sorely missed.

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