This is an accident only cover for your car or bike when on a track day, training day or public day or similar day. Track Day Insurance is strictly for NON Competitive or timed circuit driving.

We cover you for accident damage if :

  • YOU run out of luck, lock, talent or all three and career off into the barriers damaging your car / bike.
  • If ANOTHER participant runs out of any or all of the above and collides with YOU damaging YOUR car / bike.
  • If YOUR car / bike suffers a mechanical breakdown such as blowout, suspension failure, brake failure etc that spears you off into the surrounding scenery resulting in accident damage to your car / bike. (We do not cover the mechanical items that break, seize or blow up).

Track Day Insurance does NOT include Third Party cover. It does not exist. There is no insurer in the land who provides participant to participant bodily injury cover or damage caused to other participants vehicles. It is down to the other participants to make a choice for themselves if they wish to protect their car / bike or not. 

We can cover you at any European circuit, including Nurburgring and Spa.

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