Because we are the first company in the world to market our motorsport insurance services online we are able to keep the cost of these products low and so help, keep motorsport & track days affordable. The more who take advantage of this, the more we can help keep premiums low and competitive. It also means we can find a very real means for you to benefit.

Simple, we just want you to tell people about our great online services and in return we give you £5 every time a sale is generated.

Our Affiliate Programme has two attributes: (1) Clubs and Organisers and (2) All Other Affiliates.

They work in slightly different ways to achieve the same thing. Clubs and Organisers are embedded into our website as permanent affiliates where as All Other Affiliates can benefit from the use of any one or number of 90+ different banners we have designed for you. These banners contain a unique tracking code so we can all determine the sales.

For clubs and organisers this is irrelevant since because of the embedding within our system. For all Other Affiliates, our cookies are currently set to 30 days.

There isn't one. The only provision is for clubs where we say that 10 of your club members need to buy something from us (by 31st December each year) before we can start crediting your account. This is simply so we can cover our administration costs which include accounting and making payments to you twice a year and our twice yearly reporting to the FCA.

No. There are no up front costs to you at all and we will set your account up for free.

Every time someone uses our site to buy an insurance they have to state which club they are a member of. Once your club is registered with us our automated system will do the rest.

It is difficult to automatically build in discounts for club members across the full range of products. We have tried hard to ensure our premiums are competitive anyway. Certainly if you have a reasonable size collective who all want a discount on any one of the products we are happy to discuss separately with insurers on behalf of your members. (Min no. 20)

All you have to do is REGISTER. Unless your website is one of those naughty sites, we will then formally "approve" you. We send you a completed Affiliate Agreement and confirm your account is set up. You will then have access to an assortment of banners ads. All you need to do is copy the html code and paste where you see fit on your website. That's it!

For club and organiser affiliates we do require that there is a link from your site to ours. However, we will pay affiliate commission whether they have linked to through your site or not. For All Other Affiliates, the only way we can track that the introduction has come from you is for the link to be used from your site.

That's easy. Once you have been approved as an Affiliate you will be able to LOG IN and monitor for yourself the progress being made and view a running total of the number of policies. Under the Data Protection laws we are not allowed to provide details of the policies or who has bought what, but this is unimportant to you since we are paying the same £5 per policy anyway.

Payments to Affiliate Clubs will be made twice a year, based on bonuses due at 30th June and 31st December. We will provide a simple summary of the number of policies each month and post a cheque to you within 30 days of each accounting period.

Yes. Even if someone buys something from us and then cancels the policy afterwards, we will still pay you £5.

Just tell people about our amazing online services using your own website and newsletters etc.

Yes, and the really great news is that later we are developing additional online services so there will be further benefit to be gained. The only areas we cannot offer anything is on our nominal cost "add on" policies that compliment our Track Day Insurance.

We are confident this will not be the case but in any event we will review this with you at the end of the year. It won't cost you anything to remain an affiliate and we will try and help you to make better use of your Affiliate Membership.

You need to complete our simple AFFILIATE REGISTRATION FORM. Subject to formal approval (we check your site to make sure it does not contain anything naughty) we email your formal Affiliate Agreement. We will provide instructions as to how to log in to your account so you can monitor progress.

Instantly, we hope! - or just as soon as you start displaying our links.