Mastering the Art of High Speed Corners

09/01/24 12:15

High-speed corners in motorsports, whether in Formula 1, motorcycle racing, or other disciplines, involve complex physics that drivers and engineers must understand to optimize performance and safety. Several key principles contribute to the dynamics of high-speed cornering:

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Wet,foggy and slippery…

31/10/23 11:56

It's getting late in the season. Still more fun to be had, but driving conditions are also getting trickier and more unpredictable. The autumn can be a mix bag of rain, fog, and slippery surfaces. We've had a chat with Justin who's former competitive racer himself, on how to tackle these difficult conditions on track. Here are his advice:

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Best tracks in Europe!

15/06/23 07:38

As a true track day aficionado, we bet you're always on the prowl for some new, great track day adventures? Well, being the holiday season and all, why not pop over the pond and test your skills on some of Europe's best circuits? From the sweeping curves of Spa-Francorchamps to the high-speed straights of Monza, there are countless tracks around Europe that offer a thrilling driving experience. In this blog, we'll explore the top 5 most thrilling race tracks in Europe for track day drivers.

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So, now what?

10/05/23 11:15

It's been a super day out on the track. Great weather, some excellent driving, plus good fun and banter with the other blokes on the circuit.

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The best and the rest...

10/05/23 11:07

Are you also in the habit of always picking the same circuits for track days? It's a bit of a shame, really – in a country packed coast to coast with both fun, interesting and exciting tracks

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What could possibly go wrong?

21/03/23 12:08

What could possibly go wrong?

Track day driving is an exhilarating experience that can push both you and your car to the limit. Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, the track offers a safe and controlled environment to explore the full potential of your car and your driving skills.

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Meet the The Beast in Forest...

21/03/23 11:48

The Beast in Forest...

Been there, done it, have the T-shirt? Well, if not, we're certain that this exhilarating first-hand account of taking on the "Beast in the Forest" will add Nürburgring Nordschleife to your bucket list for sure!

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Meet FiFi – our lady of the tracks!

22/02/23 12:20

Meet FiFi – our lady of the tracks!

Being a Renault CLIO RENAULTSPORT 197 from 2008 you'd think she a crusty old bird, but believe you me, once she gets going there's no holding this little Hot Hatch back...

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Did you know? As low as £70...

17/01/23 12:13

Track days are loads of fun, but they can be a bit pricy. Some skip taking out cover, and take their chances... But it is actually a bit of a misconception that track day insurance is very expensive. With Moris you can get insurance for as little as under £70.

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In the mists of oblivion – UK's forgotten race tracks

17/01/23 11:43

Once they were bustling with activity, hosting some of UK's most exciting and prestigious race events. But now they are gone. Disappeared and withered into oblivion, having been totally reclaimed by the elements. But which were they, and where were they - these long-forgotten gems of British racing? Let's find out! Jump in and buckle up, as we go exploring for a couple of UK's most prominent, but forgotten racetracks…

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Track Day Insurance in the UK: Infographic (2019)

15/06/20 13:23

Discover the story behind our track day insurance data! Find out more about our customers, the cars they drive, and their favourite venues. This brilliant infographic will take you on a fun journey through our 2019 marketing data.

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Coronavirus: How Does It Affect Your Track Day Insurance?

13/05/20 13:47

Many of our track day policyholders have been asking how the coronavirus outbreak affects their track day insurance, so we've scripted this short article that explains your options should your track day be cancelled or postponed.

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Printable Motorsport-Themed Activity Pack

11/05/20 10:04

Our print-at-home activity pack contains five fun activities to keep children occupied while on lockdown. This motorsport-themed activity pack is free to download and includes a coloring page, a crossword, a game of word search, a matching game, and a true or false quiz.

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Track Days: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

28/04/20 11:59

You have a car and you want to push it to its limits — so where do you go? Why, a track day, of course! But not so fast. Prior to exiting the pitlane, you should make sure you've got the right cover for your track day vehicle.

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Personal Accident for Motorsport UK Licence Holders

27/02/20 15:27

Any time a competitor races closely with other vehicles at speeds of well over 100mph, they are taking a very serious risk. Taking out insurance against personal accident is acting responsibly.

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Motorcycle Track Day Insurance in the UK

14/02/20 15:03

Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle track day? Bike track days can be fun but when they go wrong they go badly wrong! That is why you should always take out specialist track day insurance before venturing on to the track. Our specialist track day insurance policies provide accident damage cover to your bike whether your fault or not.

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Confessions by Justin Everitt

13/02/20 13:17

All Motorsport UK licence holders wear a helmet - but the overwhelming majority do not carry personal accident insurance. There is no more valuable piece of paper that you can have when you go racing than your personal accident insurance policy.

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New Guidelines for Insuring High Value Cars

01/10/19 13:32

Recent claims involving high value cars have determined a change in insurers' perception of some risks and we have had to refer most high-value vehicles back to insurers for their formal approval while they considered a rerating for these cars.

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Additional Driver Track Day Insurance

12/08/19 09:41

Do you want to share your car on track? Adding additional drivers can sometimes be risky and pricey. This article is meant to answer all your additional driver questions.

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Multi Track Day Insurance: Insure Up To 10 Events

20/06/19 12:44

Did you know you can save up to 50% on track day insurance by purchasing cover for several track days at once? Single track day cover is usually more expensive "per day" than multi-day insurance. Find out how you can insure multiple track day events on one policy and start saving money on track day insurance.

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