13/05/20 13:47

So Your Track Day Was Cancelled Because of Coronavirus. What Now?

With the uncertain future of track day events during the current UK lockdown, many of our customers want to know: Can I get a refund if I cancel my track day insurance policy?

Our team has been receiving several questions like this one lately so we've put together this article to update you on the steps MORIS.co.uk is taking to handle the crisis.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are receiving requests to cancel track day policies but also being asked if we can place the policies on hold for an arbitrary date in the future.

Therefore, we have adjusted our procedures to provide you with more options should your track day event be suddenly cancelled, postponed, or in limbo.

Putting Your Track Day Insurance Policy On Hold

Coronavirus lockdown measures and travel restrictions have led to the cancellation or rescheduling of many track day events. Of course, our team understands the situation at the moment, so we are happy to place existing track day insurance policies hold for an initial period of two months and review thereafter.

Single Track Day Insurance Policies

To extend your one-day insurance cover, please email us at info@moris.co.uk stating your policy reference. We will then extend your track day insurance until the 1st of September 2020. 

As and when you know or have another date the absolute must is to first notify us (via phone or email). Our team can then endorse the policy accordingly so we are all in the clear.

Your business means a lot to us, and we want to express our gratitude by waiving our standard £22.34 Admin Fee for endorsements. This means that when you notify us of the new date/circuit, our team will endorse your policy free of charge. There could be an additional cost if, for example, there is a change of circuit or market value.

If are unable to use your day(s) by the 1st of September, we will cancel the policy and issue a refund back to your card of payment.

Multi Track Day Insurance Policies

If you have insured multiple track days in advance and want to place your insurance on hold, just send an email to info@moris.co.uk mentioning your policy reference. All multi-day policies that expired during lockdown will be extended until the 1st of September, and customers will be able to notify us of the new dates/circuits free of charge.

The critical thing is to notify us of the date before taking to the circuit. Customers can either log the new track day details online in their account or just email us and we will do this for them free of charge.

While we are not expecting any changes in the underwriting or pricing, insurers do adjust their rates and terms very occasionally. If you have not used your available day(s) by the 1st of September, we will treat the policy as cancelled and apply any refund you are due back to your card.

Cancelling Your Track Day Insurance Policy

Had your track day been put off because of the coronavirus, and you want a refund? If you need to cancel the cover our team will do so on the usual policy terms and conditions making sure no one is prejudiced in any way.

One-off Track Day Insurance Policies

If you wish to cancel the cover, you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid less our £22.34 admin fee. We will not charge our standard £15 cancellation fee.

Open Track Day Insurance Policies

If you wish to cancel your multi-track day insurance, you will be entitled to a partial refund of the premium paid (as per the scale below which is also within your policy) less our £22.34 admin fee. MORIS.co.uk will not charge any cancellation fee.

Example of Premium Refund in Case of Cancellation

To cancel your insurance policy, email us at info@moris.co.uk and we will process all refunds within one working day. 

On a lighter note, we have put together a few motorsport-themed activities to keep the kids (and adults who just need a break) entertained during the lockdown. Download and print this fun activity pack and share the results with us!


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