How Does Tell a Friend Work?

This is a simple way for you and a friend to earn a £10 rebate on your next individual purchase over £100.

All you need to do is tell us who your friend is. This will trigger an automatic Promotional Code which will be emailed to both you and your friend. You will need this code to re-claim your £10.

For the £10 rebate to be claimed you each need to notify us on the respective forms AFTER your next purchase (i.e. after the date your friend was recommended in the first place), since we cannot rebate £10 retrospectively. You will both need to have the latest policy references to hand.

TIP: Tell your friend about this promotion BEFORE your next purchase.

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What is the minimum premium that has to be spent to reclaim £10? - We can only rebate £10 on policies where the premium on individual purchases is over £100 (excluding premium tax, admin. fees and any credit card charges).

Do I miss the opportunity to claim £10 rebate if my premium is less than £100 on my next policy? - No, we will simply carry the promotion over to the next / first policy purchase where the premium is over £100 minimum.

Can I recommend the same friend more than once so we can receive a greater rebate on our policies? - No. That's a bit silly!

Can we "recommend" each other and get a £20 rebate each? - No. That is also a bit silly...

Can I recommend more than one friend? - Yes, you can recommend as many friends as you like, but it is only possible to rebate £10 "per policy" so we cannot rebate multiples of £10 on your next single purchase, but we will carry the £10 rebate over to further purchases of your own.

Do we both have to purchase a policy to ensure we can claim our £10 rebate? - Yes.

If the "friend" I recommend has already used, can we still claim the £10 rebate? - No, sorry. This is a promotion to help attract greater awareness of our services, but hopefully you will have more than the one friend.

If my friend buys a policy but I do not, can I also still get a rebate? - No. Sorry.

How and when do I receive my £10 rebate?- We simply rebate the £10 back onto the debit / credit card(s) used to purchase the respective policies in the first place. This will usually be actioned by us within three working days, but please note card companies can sometimes take a couple of days longer to "credit" your card onto their statement.