What Is Track Day Insurance?

Track day insurance is an accidental damage policy designed to cover your car in the event you have an accident on the circuit, or another participant causes damage to your car. Track day insurance applies to non-competitive events and has become a generic term to describe track activities from parade laps and training days to track day events and public days at the Nürburgring.

Track day insurance covers the costs for repairing your car or the market value of the car (if the insurers decide it is a total loss) regardless of whether the accident was caused by you or another driver.

Track day insurance is a limited cover and does not include third-party liability. It does not exist. There is no insurer in the UK who provides participant to participant bodily injury cover or damage caused to other participants' cars. It is down to the other participants to make a choice for themselves if they wish to protect their car or not.

MORIS.co.uk provides track day insurance for both UK and DK residents.

Everything You Need to Know About Track Day Insurance:

What Does Track Day Insurance Cover for You?
How Much Does Track Day Insurance Cost?
Do I Need Track Day Insurance?
What Is the Best Track Day Insurance?

What Does Track Day Insurance Cover You For?

Track day insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car if:

  • You run out of luck, lock, talent or all three and career off into the barriers damaging your car
  • Another participant runs out of any or all of the above and collides with you damaging your car
  • Your car suffers a mechanical breakdown such as blowout, suspension failure, brake failure that spears you off into the surrounding scenery resulting in accident damage to your car. (We do not cover the mechanical items that break, seize or blow up)

Your track day insurance policy also includes:

  • Cover for fire damage but only if directly following an impact
  • The costs of repairing the car or, if insurers decide, an amount in full settlement. Any amount paid cannot be more than the car’s market value at the time of the accident. All claims are subject to an excess as shown on the track day insurance details
  • Labour costs up to £80 per hour including VAT (unless we have specifically agreed to increase this)

Our specialist track day policies provide:

  • Instant cover for cars up to £60,000
  • Cover for single or multi-day events
  • Option to add additional drivers
  • Cover for modified cars
  • Cover for leased cars
  • Cover for drivers holding a full driving licence regardless of age
  • Cover for all UK & European circuits, including Nürburgring and Spa
Cars Under £40,000k
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Multiple Track Days
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MORIS.co.uk are track day insurance experts who regularly provide:

  • Porsche track day insurance
  • BMW track day insurance
  • Lotus track day insurance
  • Caterham track day insurance
  • Ford track day insurance
  • Mazda track day insurance

Track day insurance key exclusions are:

  • Third-party bodily injury or property damage
  • Competitive driving, including racing and time trials
  • Use on the road or public place
  • Cosmetic damage that is not a consequence of a direct and obvious impact
  • Internal damage to engine and gearbox / drivetrain caused by mechanical breakdown
  • Fire unless caused by impact on track day events
  • Transportation or recovery costs unless this option has been purchased
  • Use by persons not named on the policy

How Much Does Track Day Insurance Cost?

MORIS.co.uk track day insurance starts at £63 per day. Furthermore, we offer discounts up to 50% if you are buying more than a single day's cover.

This is an example quote based on the assumption of a 40-year-old male, living in London, with no track day accidents or road convictions in the last 5 years. Cover is for a single track day at Silverstone. For all the three vehicles below the Year of Manufacture is 2015 and the Admin Fee (incl. tax) is £22.34.

Car Track Day Insurance Prices 2020
Make & Model  Market Value  Excess  Total Price (incl. tax) 
Ford Fiesta ST2 £10,000 £750 £96.34
BMW M4 £32,000 £1,792.00 £217.70
Mazda MX-5 £19,000 £1,130.50 £145.37
Cars Under £40,000k
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Cars Over £40,000
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Multiple Track Days
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Most track day insurance providers will calculate the premium as a percentage of the market value of the car. There is a sliding scale with some generous discounts if more than one day is paid for in advance.

On top of that, insurance providers might also consider the following factors when calculating the premium:

Type of Circuit

Abingdon Airfield which is a track with large run-off area offers a safer proposition to the insurance providers than say the Nürburgring that has 170 corners, limited visibility, and almost zero run-off. Therefore, it will usually be more costly to insure your car on a circuit with limited run off – but you might be surprised at the circuits that we are wary of, it is not always the most obvious.

Age of Driver

Age is another factor that insurers consider when calculating the premium. MORIS.co.uk will provide discounts of up to 30% for drivers over 50. However, this will be closely looked into when fast expensive cars are taken onto the track.

Additional Drivers

If you think track days are more fun with your mates, think again. According to Justin Everitt from MORIS.co.uk, many of the claims are caused by additional drivers and none of the accidents are small. Therefore, sharing your car at the track can cost anywhere from an additional £25 to 20% load on premium as a minimum although often the excess might be increased for the additional driver.

High Value Cars

The track day insurance price for fast, expensive cars tends to be a little different. The basic cost for insuring a £100,000 car varies from £450 to £950 per day. The rates are not discounted by the insurers in the same way because a £100,000 loss would wipe out all the premium gained from the lower value cars. The exposure carries a load on the insurer's premium. The type of circuit, age of the driver, and additional drivers also have an impact on the price.

Your Excess

As a rule of thumb, the excess is between 4% and 7.5% of the market value of the car. MORIS.co.uk uniquely provides an option to insure the policy excess for cars under £40,000.

Do I Need Track Day Insurance?

It is not a legal requirement to have track day insurance. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Driving on a track can be disorientating to the uninitiated. Speeds can be readily achieved, and the often wide open space of a track means that, just like a motorway, you do not appreciate how fast you really are going.

Circuits, unlike a motorway have challenging twists and turns and it is at these points one should recall the great Colin McRae who once said, Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers. It is at these turns that you – and other drivers – might suddenly realise just how fast they have loomed up.

Track day insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. You might not be the problem – it is the others out there who might care less about your car.

What Is the Best Track Day Insurance in the UK?

There are many track day insurance providers in the UK so it may pay to shop around to find the best track day insurance for you.

MORIS.co.uk was the first and remains the foremost brand to provide online track day insurance for cars and motorcycles so it might be worthwhile taking a couple of minutes to complete our online forms for a quotation. The payment can be made online via a secure third-party and your policy will be emailed to you instantly.

Our car track day insurance products are divided into two categories based on the number of track days insured on the policy:

  • Single Day Cover
  • Multi-Day Cover (Up To 10 Days)

We also have some nifty optional extras that many of the other track day insurance providers are unable to offer. These include:

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Vehicle Recovery Package so if you hunt or just blow the engine up, there is a recovery option to consider

  • For cars under £40,000 in value it is even possible to pay a little extra to cover the policy excess (this does not cover any damage below the excess, but should any accident damage exceed the stated excess and you have paid for this option then you may well indeed be very grateful)


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